In our previous article (Confusing God With Religion Part 1), we discussed the fact that religion, in and of itself is not Divine, but only a set of rules and practices.

In this article, I want us to try to answer the obvious question of, Whom or what then is God? Claiming the non-existence of God by various intellectuals is nothing new. The fact that someone (see article one) claims he can prove through science, that God does not exist, means nothing to a Believer, nor to God.

Belief in God comes through an immeasurable element called faith, which makes science a farce in the theological arena. Faith is the common denominator between a true believer and a nonbeliever. Stop and think! If we could scientifically prove God, He would not be much of a God. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a simplistic god that anyone can figure out. The Greeks and Romans wanted a god they could explain and measure, so they conjured up the most despicable beings anyone could imagine. They were baser than much of the human population.


God, according to the Scripture (Jn 4:24; 5:37), is pure Spirit. Science cannot prove Him because He is not animal, vegetable, or mineral. Anyone who senses the Divine through his or her spirit knows that you cannot taste, smell, touch, or weigh God. He is so far above the practice; we commonly refer to as applied science, that there can be no comparison. Those who comprehend that He is real will literally die than betray that belief.

Don’t scoff, asking, “Is that all the proof you have? Where is the logical in such a Being, if you cannot prove Him?”

I admit you have a philosophical point. How can anything be real if it doesn’t contain those four elements mentioned above? Then, of course, there are the billions of us in this world who have had a toothache, which we could not see, taste, smell, or measure, but each one of us will swear it was undeniably real. So where is the logic in a toothache?

The honest seeker of truth asks, If God is real, where is He, and where did He come from? and I’m so glad you asked. God dwells in an unknown dimension people like to call Heaven. Actually, this heaven is a dimension of infinity, i.e. timelessness. Is it a real place? Yes. The term heaven appears many times in both the Old and New Testaments, which makes up accepted Holy Scriptures. The Hebrew’s refers to it as the shamayim, which has several meanings. In this instance, it refers to a place far beyond the sidereal (starry) heavens, and it is supposedly the abode of God. The Greek word ouranos, means the same thing, but is not quite as vague. Another meaning has to do with the vast Universe, both known and still unknown, which seems to us to be constantly expanding. Others believe that heaven could be a physical planet somewhere. My personal opinion is I doubt it.

Please allow me to state that I don’t claim to know everything. God has not knighted me to be His spokesperson for all truth. However, if God is an infinite Spirit, as Scripture claims He is, then He must saturate (occupy) all of heaven. To be an infinite God nothing but infinity could contain Him.

Not only is God infinite, but He is eternal. The fact He always was and always will be is not as complicated to understand as one may think. All we need to comprehend is that there is no element of time in infinity. It is timeless. Time is an element of things physical. Control of time is by the movement of the planets, and in our case, the earth revolving around the sun, the aging of the body, etc.

Once again, I don’t pretend to be Einstein’s assistant and time was his area of expertise. I can only tell you time is not a factor within the realm of the spirit. Therefore, if there is no time, then you cannot say something came into being or ended. They or it can’t, because all things are constant in timelessness.

I’m not here to give you a headache, only to try to explain a simple concept that everyone wants to make difficult. It is not as difficult as we like to make it out to be. Think of a blank piece of paper. That sheet of paper represent eternity – timelessness. Color the entire piece of paper gold, and that represents God, who fills all eternity. On that paper somewhere, let’s say toward the bottom draw a line about eight inches long. On the one end write beginning and at the far side write end. That line represents the physical realm God created, with a beginning and an end. Hence, it has time. Because God fills the entire sheet of paper on which a small line of time consists, which represents our world, and life – He naturally is all knowing. He can see the entire timeline from end-to-end, because it is always before Him – filling His infinity.

Isn’t that all nice and clear now? (All I want you to do is think about it.)


I repeat God is pure Spirit. Please understand that I did not say He is a Spirit, but He is the Spirit of all things.

He is known to us as God, GOD, Lord, and LORD, as you read most English translations of the Bible. There are many other names throughout Scripture, like El Elyon, which means God Most High, that identify Him. God reveals himself by different names because, like most tribes of the world, names identify a person’s character. All of God’s names can be examine at another time. At this moment, I wanted to mention to you that the different forms of God, i.e. GOD (all capitals), God (lower case), and LORD (all capitals), and Lord (lower case), have been included in most English Bibles for a reason. When we read the name God or Lord (lower case) in Scripture, the transcribers are telling us that the original writer was not using the personal name of God in that sentence. If we read GOD or LORD (all capitals) the transcribers are now telling us, the original author used the personal name of God in this instance.

Like everyone, God has a personal name, which the Hebrew people considered so holy; they refused to speak it. Therefore, no one can say with absolute authority what His name is. We believe we know what it is, but because no one has said His name for all these millenniums, we have to rely on one record of it. You will never hear an orthodox Jewish person repeat this name to this day. They will say Lord, or God, but never His personal name. If there is an absolute, need to write the name, (which they will avoid at all cost), they will use a Tetragrammaton of YHWH as a replacement for His true name. I think it is important for all of us to know the name of the God we claim to love and worship. His name as He gives it to us is YAHWEH. (Jehovah is a misinterpretation of YHWH and a subject for another article.)

The name Yahweh is extracted from Exodus chapter 3, verse 14. Moses is speaking with God and he asks Him a rather essential question – who are You and what is Your name? Moses grew up in the land of Egypt, educated in the disciplines of the Egyptians. He was quite familiar with all the gods that the world knew of and worshipped. There were dozens of gods, who claimed to be the most powerful. Therefore, it was a common sense question, I believe, to ask this God who was speaking to him from the barren, burning bush, which one of these gods He was. The reply Moses received probably was somewhat shocking, because the answer to his question was not what he was expecting. The name of the God who was speaking to him was Ehyeh asher Ehyeh. You will read this in Exodus 3:14 as “I AM THAT I AM” (KJV), or “I AM WHO I AM” (NASB). It literally means, being I am being, or others translate it I shall be that I shall be.

Let me make it easier for you to remember. He is declaring that He is the Eternal Uncaused Cause in the Universe and His name is YAHWEH. This is what distinguishes Him from all the other so-called gods in the world. Nowhere does He indicate He is a religion, but an absolute Being, as you and I are a being.


How do we know He is a Being? God demonstrates personality. The accepted definition of personality is to possess will, emotion and though. The one thing He does not have or need is a body.

Please understand this, and all this silliness of whether God is male, female, white, black, green, or purple will sound ridiculous. I’ve said this before and I will say it again for as many times as it is necessary, God is pure Spirit. If One is pure Spirit this Person (emotion, will, and intellect), cannot have a body. If there is no body, there is no sexuality, and no color. God originally created a male and female to perpetuate the species. (No, that does not mean spurious sexuality between a husband and wife is wrong.) I said the original purpose of two sexes was for procreation. God, like angels, has no reason to procreate unless your god is one of the Greek or Roman debased deities. Therefore, He is neither male nor female.

I know… why then do we call Him Father? We call Him Father because Scripture teaches us to use that term. First, the term God in Scripture is a masculine noun. Secondly, the reference of God as being a Father came from the time of the writing of Scripture, when a loving father was the revered head of the family. He was the general provider and defender of the family, if for no other reason than due to his sheer strength. They referred to the father as the head of the family out of honor. Thus, God is and remains the Head of all. The term Father denotes His position, not His sexuality. I might mention that the word Spirit in the Hebrew Ruwach is a feminine noun. In the Greek, it is Pneuma a neuter noun. Again, one of the names that God calls Himself is El-Shaddai, which literally means, God, the many-breasted One. My point is, while He speaks of Himself as the Father of all, He also is not afraid to show His feminine side.

Know who your God is and you will stop this nonsense of whether God is male or female, or what race He actually is. He is ALL, for He created all and all belongs to Him.


There is so much more to say, but the theme of this article was supposed to be, God versus religion. There is room and a need for religion, so long as it is true religion. True religion is to seek God always in all aspects of our life. True religion is to love others as you love yourself. True religion does unto others what you would like them to do unto you. True religion has nothing to do with bombings, hatred and discrimination or elevation of self over others. In fact, those things are demonic, which is an entire subject unto itself.